Bulk SMS Solutions

SMS marketing is one of the most responsive marketing communication mediums, with several times better response rates than direct-channel marketing. Unlike an e-mail or letter, SMS is likely to be read by a person quickly as the majority of people have their mobile phones with them 24 hours a day.

SMS is automatically saved where it can be re-read or used as a voucher. If an offer is good, people will forward the message to their friends and a campaign can grow exponentially.

Whether you’re a large corporate company with hundreds of thousands of customers or a small local company looking to connect on a more personal level, your business can benefit from this direct and powerful method of communicating with the people who matter most.

From sending appointment reminders and order updates to advertising special offers or exclusive promotions, you know your SMS messages will be opened and read, with impressive conversion rates.

Features of bulks sms are:-

  • Direct contact with potential customers
  • Able to Measure campaign’s & call back
  • High level of segmentation / targeting
  • High response rate
  • Able to generate Delivery reports as confirmation of a task

We offer SMS solutions for following :-

  • Alerts SMS
  • SMS marketing
  • Appointments / Reminders
  • Security Identifications (OTP)
  • HLR LookUP
  • two way SMS
  • SMS API integration with any software example CRM