Real Time Visitor Monitoring

Real time visitor monitoring provides important information to your chat operators which they can use to deliver an improved chat experience to your customers: The chat operator can see such as number of visitors are visiting website, on Which pages they are visiting, how much time they spend on a specific page and Which geographic location web visitors are visiting from. Kool chat has many more features for details please click here.




Mobile Responsive

A responsive designed web application simply means, it has been constructed so that all of the content, images and structure of the application remain the same on any device. For example, when a user accesses a site on their desktop, they are getting the full view of the web application. But when that same user goes to visit the site from their Smartphone or tablet, the site will retract to fit on the smaller screen.


Unlimited Departments

Our hosted live chat software, has an unlimited Departments means multiple departments such as sales, accounts, support Dept or any others dept can have a simultaneous chat with web visitors. Unlike Other chat software available in the market usually charges extra for adding departments. Our Kool chat hosted live software only charges by number of chat operator accessing the application but with unlimited departments.




Chat Transfer

If an operator believes he needs to transfer to another department or wish to escalate the issue to a supervisor or even if a web visitor wish to talk to multiple departments then using this chat transfer feature the user or chat operator can carry our such task.

Pre & Post Customer Survey

You are able to customize your pre- and post-chat surveys. A typical pre-chat survey asks for the visitor’s name, email address and the question they have. Post-chat survey is useful for reviews and analyzing your service efficiency of your business.


Greetings Canned Responses

Customized pre-set greetings allow for quick and accurate responses. Canned messages and responses are pre-written for frequently asked questions and easily accessed by the agent. This is very important for a busy environment.




Access from mobile apps

The live chat account owner can login to the account through an Android and iPhone/iPad mobile device & continue to offer live chat support to site visitors, also monitor live traffic. Means you will never miss a chat request, specially suitable for small businesses where they may not have a dedicated live chat operator so you do not have to be a big to operate like a big corporate.


Multiple Simultaneous Chats

Live chat operators are able to help multiple site visitors at any given time. In addition multiple chat operators can assist a single visitor by inviting each other in the session.


Create & Track Campaigns

The KoolChat live chat software allows you to place live chat links in social media, emails, Banner adverts, PPC adverts. You can track and enable chat functionality with one click.



Typing Indicator

When a visitor types in the chatbox, your operator will see that they are typing. Vice versa, When the operator is typing a message, the visitor will know that they are typing.


Sound & Visual Alerts

Sound and visual alerts let chat agents know when a new visitor has entered the site, when a visitor has clicked a chat.


Floating Invitation Feature

The live chat administrator can set the chat box to float at the top, center or bottom of the page on either side as the website visitor moves around your webpage(s).