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SiteLock protects your site against web threats, such as malware, DDoS, blacklisting, and spam. The SiteLock, platform boosts performance with content delivery network (CDN) and streamlines PCI compliance with an automated solution.

Depending on your website security package, you’ll receive daily website scans to find the threats, automated malware removal, and vulnerability/CMS patching to fix it, a web application firewall to block and prevent harmful traffic before it ever reaches your site.

The content delivery network to accelerate your site speed and for e-commerce sites a firewall PCI report to help you comply with banking institutions. Some of the Key important features of having a site lock for a web site are as follows. It has a varies plan with varies feature, so offer your clients appropriate solutions or contact us for tor our advice.

Get 9 Layers of Cybersecurity Protection Against Hackers

Daily Security Scans

SiteLock scans your website files and database for malware, vulnerabilities, and other threats.

Malware Removal

It doesn't just scan, SiteLock will automatically remove any malware it finds.

Blacklist Monitoring

SiteLock detects if your site is blacklisted, so your marketing isn't impacted!

Vulnerability Auto-Patching

SiteLock automatically patches vulnerabilities in WordPress and other CMS platforms.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Stops threats before they reach your site. Includes customizable rules as well!

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Ensure your website loads quickly with SiteLock's highly optimized worldwide CDN.

Website Backup

Automatic daily backups of your site files and database make it easy to "undo" any problems in the future.

DDoS Protection

The WAF & CDN are your DDOS stoppers. They work together to slow & block potential DDOS requests.

Bad Bot Prevention

Bad bots are like automated evil pawns for hackers – SiteLock keeps them away.

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